Josue’s Gym

My friend Josue took me and Tom to one of his favorite training spots in Austin, TX. His training method is an awesome blend of natural movement; wilderness parkour, running, bouldering, climbing, and strength/endurance training with natural objects. You can call it whatever you want but there is no doubt that it is one of […]

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Alpine Lakes Wilderness

This summer I felt like I can finally call myself a mountain runner. I have spent as much time as I can up in the Cascades running as deep and far as I could get in a day. As well as running in the mountains in Utah. Here is a video I made for Luna […]

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Angels Staircase 60k

I awoke to pine cones pelting the ground around me. Every thirty seconds or so I would here the thwap of a pine cone (Doug Fir cone actually) hitting Yitka’s tent or our car parked just behind me. I was laying in my sleeping bag looking up at the tree tops in the early morning […]

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The Wild Great Salt Lake

Throughout most of my childhood and adolesence two landmarks held my bearings of what I knew as home. They were both comforting and enchanting. To the east was the towering Wasatch mountains jutting straight out of the flat valley to 11,000+ feet. The Wasatch run north to south and stretch from the Idaho-Utah border all […]

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