I see mountains in the distance…

I’m finally healed up from the hernia surgery that I had at the end of April. I’ve been running for the past three weeks or so. It feels so good to be active again. I had 6-7 weeks of no physical activity which was hard. I thrive on being physical. I didn’t notice my mood being down during that time but I definitely noticed my mood go way up when I started running again. I’m going to start climbing again soon too. I had an Inquinal Hernia that is the type that I was born with that just now symptomized. Why it appeared now I’m not sure. Neither were the doctors. Anyway, I’m healed and super excited for this summer. So many plans brewing.

I made this little video of my favorite trail IN Seattle that is by my house. This trail is in Interlaken Park and it is  just a few blocks from the Luna factory so I will sometimes go run these trails on my way home from work. Enjoy.

The song in the video is by the amazing band Bramble of Salt Lake City. Check them out!

Next week I’m off to my true home in the canyons of Utah for a week of backpacking. I can’t wait.


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