Bow Making

In November 2011 we went to Raptor Archery in Hood River Oregon to learn to make Long Bows. Ted Fry and his family at Raptor Archery were amazing. The class was a two day weekend course. We used Hickory staves. We all made awesome bows. It was an amazing experience. Highly recommended.

I’ve wanted to make my own bow for years. There is something very satisfying about making something yourself out of natural materials that has been a part of human survival and tradition for tens of thousands of years. I’m proud to keep these traditions alive.

Here we are with our Hickory staves ready to get started:

We carved, filed, sculpted, loved, chopped, and caressed our staves for two days.

Many hours later with our finished bows!:

My first few shots:

Our bows turned out really well. I was surprised that as beginners to bow making we were able to make completely functional bows. My bow has a 55 lb. draw and is hunting quality.     Next we are planning on taking an arrow making and flint knapping class. Its not scheduled but hopefully in 2012 sometime we can make it happen. Also, someday I would like to harvest my own stave out of either Pacific Yew up here in the northwest or possibly Utah Juniper (not sure how well it works) in Utah.

We’ve been practicing shooting at the factory. I’ll post pics of the target I made later. Next up (hopefully): boar hunting in California!

Check out more pictures of our bow making class on my flickr.


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